Monday, November 29, 2010

Spooky Places

We're all jointly going to be introducing a few spooky places to Death Clicks - places we've personally visited and felt ... something ... even if it's just a frisson of fear because we'd been told it's haunted.

Leith Hill Tower on the South Downs (on Leith Hill, to be precise. Who would have thought?) in England was one of the first so-called haunted places I visited as a child. The story went that a pair of large (hairy) ghostly hands (or sometimes arms too) would try to push you off the top of the tower if you visited after dusk. I've not found any reference to the haunting story on the Internets so any confirmation of it would be great.

I remember my first visit as a child was scary - because of the story of the haunting but also because at the time the place was pretty run down and it seemed just too plausible that one could be pushed off the top or fall between the crenelations. I could feel something in the atmosphere of the place, though, especially on the roof - enough to make the back of my neck tingle and want to keep turning round to see what was behind. We didn't stay there long.

I also had my first "I can fly" primordial connection moment up there (the second being at Tintagel and the third at La Sagrada Familia, for completeness).

Anyway, Leith Hill Tower sticks up like Glastonbury Tor over the South Downs, and is the highest point in South Eastern England. It now feels much safer, with a nice National Trust gift shop and safety-friendly handrails. But on the roof ... did I feel something again?

Visit if you get the chance, and let us have your opinion.


  1. Nigel, are you getting the hands muddled up with the hairy hands (!) of Dartmoor?

    I thought I'd heard that there was a ghost of someone who had fallen off the tower but I can't find any reference to that. However, Richard Hull who built the tower is buried underneath!

    Found this cool link to spooky Surrey if you're interested:

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