Thursday, November 18, 2010

Caution: Men at Work, may cause ghosts

Can ghosts be stirred up by home renovations and improvements or bigger construction? Hauntings or paranormal episodes following home renovations is the topic of an article recently featured in the Fortean Times.

And we have a story from the real world that shared a similar experience. Let's say a 'friend of a friend' told us this story:

This acquaintance (let's call him Joe) wanted to buy a house. Joe found a property that seemed promising on a quiet residential street in the city so he decided to visit the open house scheduled for the weekend. Upon arrival Joe could see signs that the house had been very quickly and very badly flipped. Despite this Joe decided to take a look through the whole house and was pleasantly surprised by the third floor which had two dormered rooms that had been relatively untouched during the renovations. Joe entered the first unfurnished room, enjoyingthe original features and details. It was in this mood that Joe entered the second room. This room contained only a rocking chair across from the door, which Joe began to approach as he walked more fully into the room. The closer Joe got to the chair the more he felt emotions of anger, sadness, and desperation grow, until half way across the room Joe felt as though someone screamed in his head "Get out of my house!! Leave me alone!" then more quietly "this is the only place I have left that's still mine". Joe immediately backed up to the entrance of the room and the feelings quieted, but he couldn't shake the sense that there was a presence sitting in the rocking chair. Joe heard the steps of other potential buyers coming up the stairs to the third floor and left the room and not longer after the house. He decided not to buy this particular home.

Joe exhibited the ability to hear the dead, this ability is often called clairaudience or psychic hearing by believers.


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