Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Darker Side of Edinburgh (Series - part 1)

Edinburgh has a fantastically horrible history literally layered throughout the city.

One of the city's above ground treasures are the kirkyards (graveyards to non-Scots).

The Death Clicks icon is a photo taken in, perhaps the most famous of Edinburgh's kirkyards, Greyfriar's Kirk and Kirkyard. The image captures an orb that did not appear in any subsequent images (i.e. not a spec or rain on the camera), also notice the orb is moving but the image isn't blurred. Of course it's possible it's not evidence of a restless spirit and just refracted or reflected decide.

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Also in the Kirkyard are some spectacularily detailed and macabre monuments and tombs.
A unique feature of this graveyard is the outdoor cells used to imprison Covenanters in the 17th century. Some say the prisoners who died from exposure and disease in these outdoor cells (let's face Scotland isn't known for being balmy) still haunt the cells. For more on the Covenanters click here, or visit the Greyfriar's photo gallery (see plaque photo).

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