Thursday, January 20, 2011

The haunted stove ... or Grandma stops by to say Hello

This is another story shared with Pee Wee (who obviously talks incessantly about Death Clicks to anyone who will listen until they share a story she can write about on the blog).

Let's call our anonymous contributor Jim (I've already used Joe).

Having recently finished school Jim was once again staying with his parents. Jim's parents had gone to bed and Jim was hanging out in the living room, when at about a quarter past midnight he hears a ringing/buzzing sound coming from the kitchen. He goes to see what the noise is and realizes the timer on the stove is going off. Jim turns the old style one-hour timer off and goes back to the living room and eventually to sleep only to be awoken at almost exactly 3:15 AM by the timer going off again. While baffled (and let's face it, probably aggravated), Jim simply turns it off and goes back to sleep. And now, fellow monkeys of the macabre, is where the story gets spooky.

The next day Jim mentions to his parents that the timer on the stove may be broken "It went off on its own at 12:15 and 3:15 in the morning" at this statement his mother turns pale and tells him: "last night was the anniversary of the night your grandmother died...I received the call that she was ill and left the house at 12:15 that night and she died at 3:15"

So the question is did the stove know or was it Grandma popping in to say hello?

Note, Jim has given us the okay to share the story as is - however, we're hoping he'll fill in some more details.


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