Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Body Crop Circles

A Death Clicks first, a phenomenon that's new to us paranormal and macabre know-it-alls.

For at least the past year, a 'friend of a friend' has been waking up periodically with red patterns on her abdomen. These patterns are eerily similar to reported crop circles. She was kind enough to provide a photo see below. She has visited multiple physicians and undergone tests to exclude various things as the cause and still the patterns appear.

One site hypothesizes that crop circles align with body chakras which strangely does fit with the location of these belly marks.

I could find no other reports on the web and we know the internet knows everything! So Death Clickers if you have heard of this, experienced it, have other information please comment or email us.


  1. Some one suggested crappy bed springs - might be worth asking for a rebuttal?

  2. UPDATE: from the source both she and her doctors have ruled out any type of impression or object causing these marks. They appear at regular intervals, once a month in the exact same location. Doctors are currently pursuing a parasite theory.

  3. Ringworm causes red circles like these. Exactly like these, actually. They may not have checked her for that, since they usually don't if you say you haven't been around wild animals...

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  6. Similar situation going on here - checked out by doctor who is baffled. Not caused by anything making an physical impression, though this is certainly what it looks like. Lasts longer (hours) that what a physical impression would. Is not ringworm. The picture posted on this website is the only image of a similar phenomenon I have found on the internet, with extensive searching over many years. Similar in shape and size, though a different location. Would appreciate being linked with the person in this photo if this is possible.