Monday, December 6, 2010

Re: Death Click's Upcoming Toronto Ghost Tour

The way I heard the Keg Mansion story was that one of the Massey mothers committed suicide after both of her children died. She, as legend goes, hung herself from the banister on the second floor right outside the ladies and she haunts the spot and her children haunt the third floor (follow the stairs past the second floor ladies room) where they died.

Before the restaurant (including the second floor bathroom) was renovated and before I had heard this story I had entered the bathroom and while I was in a stall I heard a woman crying when I came out there was a women standing in the window. I couldn't see her clearly because the sun was streaming in through the window behind her. This didn't seem strange until later when I thought about it and reasoned that it was too late in the day for the position of the sun which is a northern exposure and too late in the year for the quality of the light. I didn't realize anything was off until I noticed her floor length, high-necked gown and when I blinked to ease the glare from the sun she was gone.

That night we asked our server about the hauntings and she said that no one would work late alone and that they couldn't keep overnight cleaning staff or that they would refuse to clean the third floor being unnerved by giggles from invisible children.

Did Pee Wee experience another time slip or maybe it was indigestion, we'll find out on Sunday!

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