Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anniversary of John Lennon's Death

The Dakota
Today is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death. He was shot to death outside the Dakota. As one of approximately three people in the entire world who can’t stand the Beatles or John Lennon, I feel it would be more appropriate for Beatles-appreciating Pee Wee to post, but I’m the one with the time on my hands today.

So John has been pretty busy in the afterlife, contacting his son, Julian, in an aboriginal ceremony in Australia, while Paul McCartney says he’s had THREE visits from his erstwhile band member. Yoko Ono saw him tinkling the ivories in their apartment. Liam Gallagher reckons he’s seen him. Robin Givens thinks he haunts her house. I don’t know who Robin Givens is but I assume John does if he took the time to swing by.

He also has time to hang out in one of the entrances to the Dakota - which was the inspiration and exterior location for The Bramford of Rosemary’s Baby fame - along with a couple of other spooks. A little girl in period costume has been seen in the foyer but the rumour of a sighting of another former resident, Boris Karloff, seems just a bit too good to be true. 

Exact spot where John Lennon
was shot outside the Dakota
Probably the most interesting aspect to the Lennon hauntings is that in both Macca and Julian’s experiences, there is a bird theme. John told Julian to look for a white feather when he died as a sign, and during the aboriginal ceremony Julian was presented with just that. Paul was recording Free as a Bird with the other remaining Beatles in 1995 and the session was plagued with strange goings on that all the band-members decided were definitely signs that John was present. Another time, Paul, Ringo and George were doing a photoshoot when a white peacock ambled over. Again, they thought it was John popping by to say Hi.

Birds are often thought to be escorts for departing souls. Known as psychopomps (Greek for “guide of souls”), in different cultures whip-poor-wills, ravens, owls or sparrows, have featured. I never imagined a Merseyside version would be a peacock.


  1. Way to throw Pee Wee under the bus! :P At least I provided the photos.

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